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I am a writer of published science education books; and of a novel available as an eBook, another to be published soon and short stories for which I'm seeking publishers.

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Excerpts of novels and short stories. Links are provided to science education publications and a cover is shown of an out-of print book because I love its graphic so much.



"Teachers don't have time to scratch themselves, but writing was important to me so I made time - occasionally while still employed and more prolifically since early retirement." Keith McTaggart wrote his first short story at the age of 14 - a detective tale that exposed a false arrest due to racial prejudice. During a thirty-five year teaching career he wrote letters, articles, working papers, educational books and started a share of a text book series and a novel. After early retirement, a share of a science text book series was completed, the novel was finished, another started and finished and a couple of short stories were written. Sequels to both novels are planned, one of them has been started.


"Collingwood Flat is a who dunnit detective story wrapped up in an historically set underbelly gang war … It is a romp of a novel.”                                    Clare Allan Kamil  {author and editor}

Collingwood Flat

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Or for kids, why not try 

Alex and the Submarine

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An Adventure Story for Ten to Eleven Years - boy hero, girl heroes and even a dog hero

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Short Stories

Carat the Parrot or It's a nice village

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Non-fiction/Science Education

Science as a Human Endeavour - Biology for Years 7 and 8 - Blake Education

Science as a Human Endeavour - Biology for Years 9 and 10 - Blake Education

Flushing Dunnies [with Paul Saddler] - Melbourne Water and S.T.A.V. [out of print], illustrated by Patricia Bush

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